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You only need to begin.

You start from where you are now.

Spirited Nutrition

programs support you in having the courage to create a new definition of healthy – your own.  It takes courage to set a new course, to make new choices, and to learn to trust your inner guidance. It takes courage to begin again.

Every Journey

begins with the first step. Regardless of where you are in right now in your life – a path to a healthier more vibrant you begins from where you are – whatever your current diet, weight, age, health or lifestyle is – your journey continues.


do not need to wipe the slate clean, or start over. You do not need to wait until all the conditions are ‘just’ right and your ducks are in line.



programs offer a guide to integrating wellness into a lifestyle all your own.

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I invite you to have the courage to chart your own course and create a new definition for healthy – your own.

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This program is for you to Reboot and recharge, releasing what has been getting in the way of you having the energy you want.

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Gluten Free, Always

My new book.

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What clients are saying:

“Working with Cydney has been awesome.”

I am nutritionally challenged and she has helped me so much. She is non-judging and very generous with her knowledge as well as her support.


Somers, NY

“Thank you for clearly listening to me.”

Thank you so much! Thank you for clearly listening to me. You are so good at this!.


Denver, CO